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Climate Change Soundbite

Science is a jigsaw puzzle, not a house of cards

Here’s a great metaphor for explaining why minor errors — inevitable in any large scientific undertaking — do not invalidate  climate science.

Skeptics want you to view climate science as a house of cards:   If you pull one card from the bottom, the whole thing collapses.

But science is more like a jigsaw puzzle, assembled piece by piece from thousands of studies spanning decades.  Gradually, the overall picture emerges, until it’s unmistakable.    A few missing or misplaced pieces don’t change the overall picture.   (Read more)

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2 Responses to Climate Change Soundbite

Science is a jigsaw puzzle, not a house of cards

  1. Great comment! Hopefully, if I keep reading that entry and memorizing it, the message of science as a jigsaw puzzle that presents a picture, not a house of cards, will be at the tip of my tongue when I talk to skeptics and people who are unsure about climate change. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Don McCubbin says:

    I agree with Brian. Great metaphor that is easy to understand! I am glad this one is highlighted.

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