Climate Change Humor
Doonesbury nails it: An Honest Man

More all-time favorite climate cartoons in Tools/Humor/Cartoons.

We also link to large, searchable  online collections of cartoons related to climate/weather/environment.     Unfortunately, the vast majority of ‘toons are either 1) hostile to climate science, 2) grim and bitter, or 3) both. So when you spot a climate cartoon or picture somewhere that actually makes you laugh (OK, even a little chuckle will do) please let us know!

Here is Gary Trudeau’s official Doonesbury site.

One thought on “Climate Change Humor
Doonesbury nails it: An Honest Man

  1. climatechangecomedian

    If only more people were as honest with themselves and all of us as ‘the Honest Man’ in the Doonesbury cartoon. My park superintendent told me something funny in September that reminds me of this cartoon. I mentioned to him how some people quickly adopt a fatalistic stance, that there is no hope and what we do will make no difference anyway. His response when people say this is “Good. If there really is no hope for the future, can I go ahead and have the access numbers to your banking and savings accounts right now?”

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