Climate change narratives
“Unusual suspects” take a stand

One of the most encouraging trends in climate communication is the growing diversity of voices who accept the reality of climate change.    Some  “unusual suspects” publicly call for action, like the military personnel in this short video by Peter Sinclair.    Others quietly bet on climate change in their portfolios  and strategic plans.    A partial list of “unusual suspects” includes:

Even the oil industry.    With one hand, it finances the disinformation campaign to deny global warming.   But with the other hand, Big Oil is quietly preparing to cope with melting tundra and rising seas and racing to drill in areas newly-exposed by shrinking Arctic ice.    So what do the oil giants really believe?    As always, “follow the money.”

We are all more receptive to experts who share our values.  Sending in, or at least citing, the right messenger can help open some doors — and minds — at least a crack, just enough to allow a few facts to slip in.

(John Russell and Dan Seligman inspired this post.)

One thought on “Climate change narratives
“Unusual suspects” take a stand

  1. Brian Ettling

    Wow! Amazing and very eye opening video. I had no idea that our military and intelligence community is so concerned about climate change. They are sounding a very strong alarm bell. They seem to be extremely concerned with the ramifications of climate change with national security, failed nation states, massive migration, major food shortages, sea level rise impacting naval bases, etc. It is not just scientists, college professors, progressive activists, and liberal politicians. Here is top military brass and highest level intelligence experts frankly informing us that we have to start taking action to resolve climate change now. Delaying action only puts our nation in a weaker position with national security.

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