Climate Communication Graphics:  
NASA accused of promoting gay climate change agenda

By Marcus Manfred, The Chicago Dope* (cross post)

The National Aeronautical Space Administration is facing the heat from Republicans who accuse it of pushing a pro-gay climate change agenda by adding the color hot pink to its global climate maps. NASA made the change because of unusually warm weather in the arctic.

“I can handle a variety of colors. We tolerated their use of yellow and a couple of blue-purple knockoffs that I don’t even know the names of, even lime green is ok in moderation, but now this agency has gone too far,” said Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn). “First NASA tried to shove climate change down our throats. Now they’re using it to push acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle.”

The agency originally used 12 colors to show temperature anomalies of plus or minus 6 degrees Celsius.    NASA administrator Charles Bolden said the recent arctic winter was more than 10 degrees Celsius (18 Fahrenheit) warmer than usual, requiring the addition of a new color to its palette.

“I know some say hot pink clashes with the color scheme already in place but frankly I think it provides a nice accent,” Bolden said. “It really catches the eye and draws you into the map. It’s like the throw pillow of the weather world.”

These changes, adopted late last year, originally went unnoticed. They came up over recent budget battles in Congress, with Republicans trying to cut funding for environmental protections, climate change initiatives and any programs with gay-oriented color schemes.

Rep. Joe Barton (R-Tex) accused NASA of using the climate change issue to promote a “homosexual agenda” of a clean environment, conservation and renewable energy. Barton noted that pictures of the arctic were all white, with not a bit of pink, which he said proved NASA’s new maps were invalid.

Lying about science to promote a political agenda is my job, not NASA’s. It’s also my job to protect the polluters.   After all, climate change is all natural, being gay is not,” Barton said. “There is clearly a pro-gay bias among scientists and this new color scheme proves it.  That’s the first step in the pro-environment, homosexual agenda.  It starts with the colors.”


* Is the Chicago Dope a reliable source?     Decide for yourself, here.     For more on the author, click here.    The above article first appeared on April 21, 2011

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NASA accused of promoting gay climate change agenda

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