“The Air Force, that’s who!”

Simply the best short videos on climate.  Ever.

That’s the only way to describe EOM’s “How to Talk to an Ostrich” series of short clips answering common skeptical  questions.   It’s a spin-off of the PBS series “Earth the Operators’ Manual,” starring Dr. Richard Alley (winner of the 2011 Stephen Schneider Climate Communication Award).

Here’s a favorite, via Climate Crocks, which answers the questions “Who says CO2 heats things up?”    Peter Sinclair, climate video-maker extraordinaire, likes the series so much he’s packaged it with a bit of helpful background on EOM and Dr. Alley up front, and links to further episodes at the end.      (To skip Peter’s intro, fast forward to 1:03.)

EOM’s entire “Ostrich” series is fantastic, each segment a clear, concise and compelling climate story, in everyday language, with great visuals.    You can view our favorites on ClimateBites’ YouTube channel, click on the live links at the end of the video above,  or browse EOM’s short clips at their EOM’s YouTube Channel.

We’ll be featuring many more of EOM’s “Ostrich” videos here.   There are none bettter.

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