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Stephen Colbert: NC Sink or Swim

Thank god for parody— the best tool for puncturing puffed-up politicians who parade their ignorance.

Here, Stephen Colbert skewers the North Carolina legislature’s proposal to outlaw use of climate models in coastal planning.

A few snippets:

“Their state-appointed CR Comm has rejected a 39 inch sea level rise by 2100.  .  .

“Fortunately, folks, North Carolina Republicans have drawn a line in the soon-to-be-underwater sand.    They have written a new bill that would immediately address the crisis predicted by these climate models—by outlawing the climate models!”

Here’s how it works:   The law makes it illegal for North Carolina to consider scenarios of  accelerating rates of sea level rise due to global warming.

“Now instead of the economy-destroying 39 inch rise, the law makes it only eight inches. . .

“Folks, I think this is a brilliant solution.   If your science gives you a result you don’t like, pass a law saying the result is illegal.   Problem solved!

In fact, I think we should start applying this method to even more things we don’t want to happen.    For example, I don’t want to die. . . “

Quick everybody!    Heads down into the sand!    Before it washes away!

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