John Oliver: “Do Owl’s Exist?”

Nobody lampoons the media’s misleading — and cowardly — “he-said, she-said” climate debates better than John Oliver (5-11-14, Last Week Tonight).    In this hilarious clip, Oliver lampoons media “false balance,” which leaves the false impression that experts are still divided.


Ten years after Boykoff brothers brilliant expose, “Balance as Bias,” so-called “balanced” debates continue to mislead the public.


3 thoughts on “John Oliver: “Do Owl’s Exist?”

  1. climatechangecomedian

    I love this video when I first saw it in June. Thank you so much for posting it here. This is a great resource for this website also. Great to see you back!

    1. Tom Smerling Post author

      Last time I took a shot at it, I was unable to find a reliable way to automatically (or at least quickly and easily) post a blog on Facebook.

      If I recall, it just required an RSS feed widget, but they all were flawed.

      However, I bet there area some new WordPress extensions or widgets out there now….

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