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Climate Communication Metaphor
. . .Therefore, chickens don’t come from eggs.

The middle-aged man in a dark suit lurked in the back of the room, slouched against the wall.    It was 2008, at my first presentation on climate change to a community group.   Afterwards, the lurker came up and politely asked to see again my slide of historic temperature and CO2 levels.   Pointing to the rise in temperature ahead of the CO2 curve, he crowed, “That proves that temperature rise causes CO2 rise, not the other way around!” Continue reading

Climate Change Soundbite

Science is a jigsaw puzzle, not a house of cards

Here’s a great metaphor for explaining why minor errors — inevitable in any large scientific undertaking — do not invalidate  climate science.

Skeptics want you to view climate science as a house of cards:   If you pull one card from the bottom, the whole thing collapses.

But science is more like a jigsaw puzzle, Continue reading