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Best climate communication graphics, images, videos and slides that illuminate key principles of climate science and solutions.

Epuron ad screenshot

So lonely, misunderstood…

What a great example of how to breath life into an abstract topic—renewable energy—by turning it into a human character.    Add bits of emotional drama, surprise and slightly-risque humor. . . and the story becomes irresistible!

This award-winning ad by the power company Epuron and the German Ministry for the Environment (BMU) went viral a few years ago,  and has taken on a life of its own,  recently reaching 4+ million hits on YouTube.    A good story always draws a crowd.

This ad was shown at the Climate Reality leadership training in SF last August to illustrate effective communication.

water on earth 2 - USGS,

Note to Self – Part Two:
‘It’s the water, stupid!’

This updated USGS image is a striking  reminder of our vulnerability (click to enlarge).    In wet areas of the world—like northeastern U.S.—we take ample water supplies for granted, but globally it is a precious resource.

Our food supply depends on clean, fresh water Continue reading

Franke - darwin

Tricksters – adapted for survival

Canadian artist Franke James gives reign to her ‘inner trickster’ to produce delightful visual essays that advocate for action to address climate change.

Charles Darwin (left) famously said,

“It is not the strongest nor the most intelligent of the species that survive, it is the one most adaptable to change.”

The most adaptable characters in many oral storytelling traditions are characters known as ‘tricksters.’   Continue reading

‘But we can’t afford to change our ways.’

People who say we can’t afford switching to a low-carbon economy almost never consider the cost of not making that transition.     This reminds me of one of my all-time favorite cartoons. (1)

Yes, moving to a low-carbon economy will be difficult, bumpy and entail costs.    Yet by almost any measure it will be far, far more costly Continue reading

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The real doping scandal: Weather on steroids.

Is the increase in extreme weather due to climate change?    This little clip from the National Center from Atmospheric Research (NCAR) provides the clearest — and most entertaining — answer we’ve seen.

For cutting-edge science Continue reading

Climate Communication Graphics –  
‘Escalator’ critics miss the point

Guest post by ClimateBites contributing author John Russell.

In November 2011 Dana N. at Skeptical Science produced this striking animated graph called ‘The Escalator.’   The graph clearly demonstrates how critics cherry-pick short periods of time to convince themselves that ‘warming is over.’  [See “Skeptical cherry-picking, brilliantly exposed!”]

‘The Escalator’ went viral, and has also become a target for skeptics, who try to poke holes in it by questioning Continue reading

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NASA accused of promoting gay climate change agenda

By Marcus Manfred, The Chicago Dope* (cross post)

The National Aeronautical Space Administration is facing the heat from Republicans who accuse it of pushing a pro-gay climate change agenda by adding the color hot pink to its global climate maps. NASA made the change because of unusually warm weather in the arctic.

“I can handle a variety of colors. We tolerated Continue reading

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Dog walker’s guide to weather vs. climate

(Video from Siffer, Teddy TV.    Animator: Ole Christoffer Hager)

This simple animation, illustrating the difference between variation vs. trend, or weather vs. climate, has become an instant classic.

It demonstrates most of the characteristics of a great metaphor, by. . . Continue reading