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Best climate communication graphics, images, videos and slides that illuminate key principles of climate science and solutions.

Climate Communication Humor:  
The Evolution of Man

Ascent & Descent.

Skeptical Science unearthed this gem,  inspired by the December 2009 Copenhagen conference.  It’s by Nicholas Garland, The Telegraph’s first cartoonist, who retired in 2011.  We’ve collected our favorite climate cartoons here, along with links to some much larger (but unselective) collections.

Climate Communication Graphics  
If you could see CO2, it would look like this.

Wow!    ABC’s StormWatch used an infrared FLIR camera to make CO2 emissions visible.   Their post asks, “If greenhouse gas emissions were visible, would we regulate them more?

See what you think.    Either way, you may never view a freeway or airplane the same way again.