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Climate Communication Metaphor
. . .Therefore, chickens don’t come from eggs.

The middle-aged man in a dark suit lurked in the back of the room, slouched against the wall.    It was 2008, at my first presentation on climate change to a community group.   Afterwards, the lurker came up and politely asked to see again my slide of historic temperature and CO2 levels.   Pointing to the rise in temperature ahead of the CO2 curve, he crowed, “That proves that temperature rise causes CO2 rise, not the other way around!” Continue reading

Climate Communication Tips
“It’s Not What You Say, It’s What People Hear”

Forgive me for quoting dark arts spinmeister Frank Luntz (above), but sadly there’s no wordsmith in the “reality-based community” who nails this point so thoroughly.

Perhaps that’s because so many of us are still wedded to the myths that either 1) “the science speaks for itself” (it does, but only to other scientists), or 2)  saying things clearly and Continue reading

Climate Change Humor

Continuing on the theme of sorely-needed climate humor (Why humor is Important),  here’s a favorite cartoon.

Believe it or not, it is from a Hallmark greeting card by illustrator Dan Regan (“Animal Antics“).

As man-made climate change and habitat destruction usher in Earth’s sixth great mass extinction, the words of Edmund O. Wilson, champion of biodiversity, keep ringing in my ears:

Continue reading

Climate Change Humor
Doonesbury nails it: An Honest Man

More all-time favorite climate cartoons in Tools/Humor/Cartoons.

We also link to large, searchable  online collections of cartoons related to climate/weather/environment.     Unfortunately, the vast majority of ‘toons are either 1) hostile to climate science, 2) grim and bitter, or 3) both. So when you spot a climate cartoon or picture somewhere that actually makes you laugh (OK, even a little chuckle will do) please let us know!

Here is Gary Trudeau’s official Doonesbury site.