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“The Air Force, that’s who!”

Simply the best short videos on climate.  Ever.

That’s the only way to describe EOM’s “How to Talk to an Ostrich” series of short clips answering common skeptical  questions.   It’s a spin-off of the PBS series “Earth the Operators’ Manual,” starring Dr. Richard Alley Continue reading

‘But we can’t afford to change our ways.’

People who say we can’t afford switching to a low-carbon economy almost never consider the cost of not making that transition.     This reminds me of one of my all-time favorite cartoons. (1)

Yes, moving to a low-carbon economy will be difficult, bumpy and entail costs.    Yet by almost any measure it will be far, far more costly Continue reading

Weather Channel: 21 of 25 top US corporations accept climate reality

In this 1-minute clip — from the Weather Channel’s excellent Earth Watch series — meteorologist Carl Parker takes on the conspiracy narrative, which views climate change science as a bizarre plot to topple capitalism.    Parker says

“There are problems with that narrative, and one is that major corporations, the core of our market-based economy, don’t agree.

Parker checked out the official positions of the 25-largest U.S. corporations and found, Continue reading

Climate Change Metaphors:  
Neutrinos prove Einstein (not) wrong!

Remember the headline a couple of months ago: “Was Einstein Wrong?”

Well, it turned out that those pesky neutrinos were not really travelling faster than light after all.   Their speed was simply measured incorrectly, due to a bad connection in the test equipment.   Einstein’s theories have not been overturned.

There are parallels with the so-called climate ‘debate’.   How should we react Continue reading

Climate Communication Soundbites:  
“One-sided skepticism is no skepticism at all.”

Many defenders of science have tried to clarify the difference between skepticism and denial, but nobody has nailed it as succinctly as Dr. Michael Mann, author of The Hockey Stick & the Climate Wars, in a recent interview in Slate:

“When it comes to climate change, true skepticism is   two-sided.     One-sided skepticism is no skepticism at all.”

Bravo!    It’s long past time to reclaim the term “skeptic” from true-believers who are only skeptical about things that Continue reading

Climate Communication Rebuttal:
Must read: The Debunking Handbook

Uh oh.   Did you know that your efforts to correct climate misinformation could be backfiring?   That you may be inadvertently be reinforcing the very myths you seek to dislodge?

For a quick self-check, download this short guide, The Debunking Handbook, by Skeptical Science’s John Cook and Prof. Stephan Lewandowsky.    It’s free, and in just 6 pages shows you how to avoid the “backfire effect” and make your corrections stick.

You can trust Cook and Lewandowsky’s advice; it’s all solidly grounded in cognitive psychology research.

Here are my “Top Ten” take-away points: Continue reading