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John Oliver: “Do Owl’s Exist?”

Nobody lampoons the media’s misleading — and cowardly — “he-said, she-said” climate debates better than John Oliver (5-11-14, Last Week Tonight).    In this hilarious clip, Oliver lampoons media “false balance,” which leaves the false impression that experts are still divided.


Ten years after Boykoff brothers brilliant expose, “Balance as Bias,” so-called “balanced” debates continue to mislead the public.


water on earth 2 - USGS,

Note to Self – Part Two:
‘It’s the water, stupid!’

This updated USGS image is a striking  reminder of our vulnerability (click to enlarge).    In wet areas of the world—like northeastern U.S.—we take ample water supplies for granted, but globally it is a precious resource.

Our food supply depends on clean, fresh water Continue reading

Twitterstorming fossil fuel subsidies

Fossil fuel subsidey cf RenewablesAs  public pressure grows for cutting fossil fuel subsidies, activists are turning to social media to keep the heat on governments around the world.

Climate communicators are experimenting with fresh ways  to use the two dominant social media, Twitter and Facebook, to spread messages and organise action.  Click on Twitterstorm to learn what happened on June 18 and for  updates on the campaign to urge the Rio Earth Summit to end subsidies. Continue reading

Breaking out of our bubbles

Sometimes I feel like I’m living in a bubble. Actually, we all live in our own custom-made bubbles that are shaped by our life experience and our education.

The world in my bubble is different from the world in your bubble.    The TV show Madmen dramatized this in an early episode, when Betty comes home with her drycleaning.     After a few minutes, the kids come running out of the bedroom Continue reading