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Flooding & Sea Level RiseRSS

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Thermal expansion.  Like the red fluid in a  thermometer

Recent sea level rise is mostly due to thermal expansion, the same reason that mercury -- or alcohol with red dye -- climbs in a thermometer.

Drought & Deluge:   What goes up, must come down.

As evaporation accelerates, dry areas get dryer and wet areas become wetter. Why? Because "what goes up must come down," but unfortunately not in the same spot.

Hurricanes are sexy, but there are worse threats

"If we never have another tornado or hurricane, the increased threat of droughts, heat waves, floods and fires are enough for us to take action against climate change." - Scott Mandia

Greenland is coming your way...

"Greenland is coming your way, and faster than you think!"

Heads up!  Keep sewer pumps above rising sea.

In New York City, pumps at some sewage stations have been raised to higher elevations, and the city government has undertaken extensive planning.

'Weather Gone Wild'

Weather gone wild. "It's been a crazy two years. WIth droughts, and floods, and tornadoes and heat waves."

Recent floods: Not just power of nature, but power of man

"(Recent floods) not just by the power of nature but by the power of man." — climate activist Bill McKibben

Antarctic sea ice: like a napkin draped over a huge water pistol

“The spreading sheet of sea ice around Antarctica could be viewed as a napkin being draped over a monstrous water pistol. “ – John Upton, science writer at