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Below are links to some of our favorite programs and blogs relevant to climate change communication.    Many of these websites -- notably Climate Access and Talking Climate -- have extensive links to further online resources, with brief descriptions. 

Non-profit Organizations

Climate Communication: Making Science Heard and Understood (Susan Hassol et al)

Center for Energy & Climate Solutions:  Communicating Climate Change (formerly Pew)


Academic Programs

Center for Climate Change Communication (George Mason University, Ed Maibach)

Yale Project on Climate Communication: Bridging Science & Society (Tony Leiserowitz)

Center for Research in Environmental Education (CRED)


Blogs and Websites exclusively devoted to climate change communication

Climate Access (Cara Pike et al)   A community of several hundred climate communicators who share insights and tips.   Excellent webcasts that explore different angles on climate communication.

Talking Climate (Nottingham University et al)   A relatively new, valuable resource that complements Climate Access.   Very valuable for professional and volunteer communicators.

Yale Forum on Climate Change & the Media (Bud Ward et al)   Veteran environmental journalist Ward and others shares their unique perspective, with relatively measured and judicious voices when others are shouting.

Earth Gauge.   A project of the National Environmental Educational Foundation that provides resources for TV meteorologists.   Includes a very useful collection of climate analogies and graphics.

Blogs & Websites that frequently discuss climate communication.

Climate Progress (Think Progress, Joe Romm)   Romm is combatative and pulls-no-punches, but captures much of what's going on in the climate debate.   Tom Friedman famously dubbed it "the indispensible blog."

Collide-a-scape (Keith Kloor)   Creative insights on climate communication.

Dot Earth (New York Times, Andy Revkin)  The dean of environmental reporters is reflective, philosophical and often critical of both 'skeptics' and 'advocates' (sometimes infuriating both).  He considers broad global themes, and puts climate in context of other global changes.

Grist (David Roberts et al)  Bold, fun to read and often an original angle on the climate debate.

RealClimate (Gavin Schmidt et al)   A blog by and largely for actual publishing climate scientists; definitive, but a bit technical for non-scientists.

Skeptical Science (John Cook)   Indispensable.  The ultimate rebuttal site, and a pioneer in using new media to correct climate myths.   Includes a searchable database of rebuttals to the most common 170+ 'skeptic' arguments.  Carefully-researched, peer-reviewed posts and a growing library of animated graphics, by a band of talented and dedicated moon-lighting volunteers.   When you want definitive answers to climate science questions in plain English, start at SkS, then follow the links to peer-reviewed literature.

The Benshi (Randy Olson)  Marine biologist turned filmmaker Olsen authored "Don't be Such a Scientist!"   He alternatly pleads with and scolds scientists to take some basic lessons about effective communication from the masters in Hollywood.   Irreverent, entertaining and occasionally "over the top," Olson offers much sound advice.

Thisness of a That (Gillian King) - A new blog that showcases "some useful metaphors for communicating climate science and the pathways to a low carbon future."

Other interesting and relevant climate blogs and websites, each with a unique voice & mission.

ClimateCentral (Heidi Cullen et al)   Produces highly-professional short videos for television stations, connecting climate science to daily news topics.   State of the art video.

ClimateMama (Harriet Shugarman)   Explores all aspects of the parenting-nurturance narrative about climate change, including personal profiles of individual "Climate Mamas & Papas."

ClimateSight (Kate)  A unique voice from a college student who started climate blogging in high school.   Awesome!

ClimateSpeak (Robert Collier)  An original and thoughtful voice on climate, by a journalist.

Climate Science Rapid Response Team (John Abraham, Scott Mandia et al).  Formed after the email hacking scandal to provide journalists with "one stop shopping" for interviews with working climate scientists.   Some of the most effective climate science communicators in the business, featured in Tools/Great Presentations/Home Runs!

DeSmogBlog (Jim Hoggan)  President of a PR firm, chair of the Suzuki Foundation, and an early exposer of the denial industry.   Knows how to fight a PR battle.

GreenPolicyProf (George Hoberg)  Prof. of Forestry at UBC in Vancouver.

Getting a Grip on Climate Solutions (KC Golden) The Dir. of Policy at Climate Solutions—a 20-year climate/energy veteran—lets 'er rip.   A unique and edgy voice. 

Simple Climate (Andy Extance)   Emphasizes keeping explanations short & simple.


Favorite sites for practical tips on communication, but not specific to climate

The Goodman Center: Where do-gooders learn to do better (Andy Goodman)   Practical, detailed advice on better storytelling.   A source of inspiration for ClimateBites narratives section.

The Heath Brothers (Chip & Dan, authors of Made to Stick and Switch).   A major source of inspiration for ClimateBites criteria for effective messaging.    Indispensible, common sense advice (backed by research) on effective communication.

Resources for educators (K-12 or college).

CAMEL (Climate, Adaptation, Mitigation and E-Learning) 

CLEAN (Climate Literacy & Education Network)


Roundups of the latest climate news

Daily Climate

The Carbon Brief

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