Welcome to ClimateBites -- a Climate Communication Toolkit

ClimateBites is an online toolkit for climate communicators -- anybody who talks about climate change.   It offers language tools to grab the listener's attention and help make your message stick.   The creators are Tom Smerling & Don McCubbin (see About/Contact Us)

earth apple sliced - croppedBites:   Climate messages that stick

In speaking and writing, you often only have time to make a few key points so you have to "nail" them.  How?   By paring your message to its core, then stating it clearly in language that is:

    • core
    • clear
    • correct
    • concise
    • catchy
    • considerate
    • compelling

. . . and, above all, not boring!

Though it is hard to craft a punchy and meaningful soundbite, it is easy to recognize a good one when you hear it.    Just think of a favorite quote or slogan.  

ClimateBites gathers the "stickiest" climate messages we can find – metaphors, quotes, soundbites, imagery, humor – then organizes them into a searchable format.   For more depth, most "bites" offer links to the relevant science.   

Try browsing in All Bites and you’ll see what we mean. 

The bottom line?   Communicating climate science and policy can be both serious and fun. . . this is the fun part!

toolkit  Tools for more effective climate communcation

Messaging, of course, is but one step in effective communication.  The Tools section goes "beyond bites," with more elaborate communication resources, including,

If a climate communication resource already exists elsewhere online, we simply link to it.   If not, we create it here.  

We look for resources that are:

  • practical -- useful to climate communicators
  • selective -- rather than simply listing everything available, we select a small number of the very best material
  • accessible --  quick and easy to find and download.

We always welcome your feedback and suggestions on how to do better.