"...confronting today's energy-climate challenge is the epitome of what John Gardner, the founder of Common Cause, once described as 'a series of great opportunities disgused as insoluble problems.'"  (Thomas Friedman, Hot, Flat & Crowded, p. 170.)

The green economy is poised to be the mother of all markets, the economic investment opportunity of a lifetime, because it has become so fundamental," observers Loi Quam, managing director of alternative investments at Piper Jaffray, an investment company.  "the hallenge of global warming presents us all with the greatest opportunity for return on investment and growth than any of us will every see.  (Friedman, p 172)

[It] "is a 'quintessentially American opportunity,' added Lois Quam.  It plays to all our strengths...enormous amounts of experimentation... start-up companies....venture capitalists....teamwork and collaboration... thousands of people working their garages, trying thousands of things.    And, most important, it is one of those national projects that is about big profits and big purposes; not just about making America richer, but the world better." (Friedman, p. 174)

Also, see Van Jones' Green Collar Economy (HarperONe, 2008).