We strive to always give credit to the source of our material.

'Submitted by' indicates who originally posted or suggested the bite, though it may have been subsequently edited by site administrators.

Direct quotes are indicated with double quotation marks ("..").    The source of the quote, and image sources, can be found under 'Notes.'

Idiomatic expressions, terms commonly used, rhetorical questions, ironic usage, and titles of various sections on the site, are surrounded by single quotation marks ('....')     Here are a few examples.   

'It's the sun," is a favorite argument of so-called climate 'skeptics.' 

Saying 'climate change has occurred naturally in the past so man-made climate change is a hoax,' is like saying 'forest fires occurred naturally in the past, therefore arson never happens today.'

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No quotation marks are used for paraphrased language, but 'notes' will include a credit to whomever inspired the paraphrase.    Obviously, we -- not the original source -- are not responsible for our paraphrase.    Often the headline of bite will be paraphrased -- for brevity -- but the body of the bite will be a direct quote, in double quotation marks.