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The Stand-Up (Climate) Economist

Yoram bauman -- bannerYup, that's "stand-up," as in "stand- up comedy."

Yoram Bauman is a PhD economist who teaches and consults on the economics of climate change.

But he's also a truly funny comedian, as this 10 minute clip shows.  The first 7 minutes a hilarious routine about principles of economics, then he pivots -- via a brief illustration of externalities -- to a mostly serious summary of the basics of climate change. 

Though the climate part has only one "laugh line," the routine, taken as a whole, demonstrates the power of humor.   If you manage to get an audience laughing, you generate rapt attention and good feeling that makes them willing to listen, at least, to the serious things you have to say.

Keep an eye on Bauman.   I bet he's going to be a source of badly-needed climate comedy in coming years.

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