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Marc Roberts - "World's best -- and only? -- climate blogtoonist"

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Marc Roberts may very well be (in NY Times Andy Revkin's words) "the world's best -- and only -- cartoonist to focus almost exclusively on climate humor

Robert's dense, ironic and dark comic strips are definitely an "acquired taste," more likely to trigger rueful chuckles more than full belly-laughs.   But he has the field largely to himself and definitely "tells it like it is."

You can find his full collection here.   He spares nobody, including scientists and environmentalists, but comes at it from a pro-environment perspective.

In one strip, reprinted by Revkin, he parodies the most famous, and probably overworked, climate metaphor:  the "bathtub analogy"  for CO2 emissions, listed in "Bites" here on CB.

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