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The Stand-Up (Climate) Economist

Yoram bauman -- bannerYup, that's "stand-up," as in "stand- up comedy."

Yoram Bauman is a PhD economist who teaches and consults on the economics of climate change.

But he's also a truly funny comedian, as this 10 minute clip shows.  The first 7 minutes a hilarious routine about principles of economics, then he pivots -- via a brief illustration of externalities -- to a mostly serious summary of the basics of climate change. 

Colbert Report: Why Americans say 'Eh' to Global Warming

colbert takes on Global warmingComedy Central's Stephen Colbert discusses why in the fact of mounting scientific evidence of global warming, American's have spoken in one voice and said:


His short answer to "why?"  Like an unrepentant junkie, "America has not hit rock bottom yet."

David Crowe: Gasoholics Anonymous

David Crowe - screenshot


Very funny stand-up routine about a meeting of "Gasoholics Anonymous."  For 2 1/2 minutes, Crowe milks the addiction metaphor for all its worth.

Your really have to watch the video clip to really appreciate the gags, but for a sneak preview you can find a (unofficial) transcript here.

Climate Quips in "Bites"

hottest wettest screenshotCB's soundbites collection -- "Bites" -- include some quips and short jokes. 

Click here to see the bites tagged for "Humor" including this gem and a few others from Bill Maher.

Toles: Prepare America to Lead -- By Dismissing Science!

Tom Toles portraitThe Washington Post's Tom Toles, one of the few syndicated cartoonists to focus on climate change, goes verbal in his weekly "Friday Rant."   In "Way to go!" (11/15/10) Toles skewers the anti-science crowd (emphasis added).

A climatologist walks into a bar. . .

"What is the shortest book in the world? "The Environmentalists' Book of Jokes", of course."

Thus begins Robert Butler's 2008 piece from The Economist's "More Intelligent Life on Earth" blog.   He mostly ponders why there is so little climate humor out there, but in the process manages to unearth some pretty good stuff.  

Follow the links found toward the end of the article.

Will Farrell as Bush on Global Warming


Colbert on NC legislature: Sink or Swim

colbert - sink or swimStephen Colbert hilariously  skewers aidiculous law introduced to the North Carolina legislature, which would outlaw use of climate models for coastal planning.

For excerpts, and to view the entire segment, see 6-7-12 blog post If ostriches ruled the world.

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