Filmmaker working on a film about climate change: The Big Ponzi, June 2, 2014
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Greatest threat to our planet? The belief someone else will save it
Nice post Brian - A competing threat to "someone else will save the planet" is the belief that "if we all just do a little bit, everything will be fine". I have heard this comment so many times from so many well meaning people - but recycling our aluminum cans and plastic bottles is not enough. Turning the air conditioner up by 2 degrees is not enough. Driving a Prius is not enough. These all help. But if we are to preserve our future, it is time to do more. This is a big problem. Public policy and system wide changes and solutions are necessary. We all need to do our little part AND join with others to contribute to big, systemwide solutions.
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Thank you for your kind words, Corinne! I sure do appreciate that. I totally agree with everything you wrote. Yes, it is important for individuals to reduce their carbon footprint, but we also must act together to create big public policy changes also. Martin Luther King, Jr said it best 50 years with this thought:

"“Through education we seek to change attitudes; through legislation and court orders we seek to regulate behavior. Through education we seek to change internal feelings (prejudice, hate, etc.); through legislation and court orders we seek to control the external effects of those feelings. Through education we seek to break down the spiritual barriers to integration; through legislation and court orders we seek to break down the physical barriers to integration. One method is not a substitute for the other, but a meaningful and necessary supplement. Anyone who starts out with the conviction that the road to racial justice is only one lane wide will inevitably create a traffic jam and make the journey infinitely longer.”

All the best to you!