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Skepticism & Credibility

Sound bites, metaphors and quips concerning skepticism and denial of anthropogenic global warming, including rebuttals to specific arguments, credibility (who to believe?), and talking points for addressing conservatives.

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Will this disaster movie end with a kiss?

BiteClimate change is like one of those Hollywood disaster movies that pit obstructionists against ordinary people who become heroes. Those movies often end with a kiss. We don't know how the climate change story will end—will our grandchildren enjoy some end-of-movie kisses?
BiteAbe Lincoln created the National Science Academy, and U.S. Presidents have relied on NSA for advice ever since.
Would you eat a mushroom that 97% of experts say is poisonous?

BiteIf 97% of experts say a mushroom is poisonous but 3% say it is safe, would you feed it to your kids?