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John Russellby

Dinosaurs also.
I'm reminded of the latest research that suggests the amount of methane produced by herbivore dinosaurs.

Apparently dinosaurs might have been largely responsible for the high atmospheric concentration of CO2 -- and consequent high temperatures -- that existed while they ruled the planet. I guess if we continue like we're going we'll recreate an ice free world that, once again, is unsuitable for human existence.

Excellent bite, Gillian.


Big Things do come in very small, tiny, minute packages.
John Russell is correct: This is an excellent bite. Did you know that when you inhale twice, ocean plankton provided oxygen for your second breath? I learned this at a NASA & National Park Service conference on communicating climate change last September. According to NASA, ocean plankton provides up to half of the oxygen we consume. As matter of fact, NASA scientists like to joke with school students that they can see plankton from space satellites. No, not individual plankton! Massive groups of plankton in the ocean that can be detected by satellites. They are extremely important to us providing oxygen and they are a species, like us that alter the planet. Thank you so much for posting this.

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