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Invoking Einstein he would disagree.
Einstien you may not like him- he did believe in a God. No not a personal one, if you knew how he lived you can see why his life in carnal ways was in contradiction to Torah and Law. However he was no less a Jew. In Jewish culture and as a matter of common sense courtesy when you are wrong and a brother (religiously) or a associate realizes this if he wants to correct you he should first come to you in private, this is what Einstein meant when he said it would have only taken one. If you are still wrong then your associate who cares about you should go get another and talk to you still- in private to a degree. If still you are wrong- then we should go and get the entire congregation- if you still refuse to come to your senses you are thrown out of the synagog and treated like a pagan. The problem is that The IPCC and global warming alarmists are wrong and we have tried to talk to you but you refuse to listen.

This article tries to make a statement that "So far, the petition has over 31,000 signatures, only 9,000 with PhDs, and most are engineers, and only a very few climate scientists." To be 100 percent accurate the IPCC is headed by a man who has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and A PHD in what engineers like to joke is "Imaginary Engineering" that is Industrial Engineering, which is more business and process control vs actual engineering. "climatology" as being taught is merely left wing economic environmental policy of which Rajendra Kumar Pachauri's native India is under the Kyoto Protocols and the carbon tax likely to benefit from.

The global warming crowd is a cult which excommunicates any heretic who dares think and come to the obvious conclusion- get help get out of the cult.

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