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Climate Skepticism
Nearly all the quotes from Hawkins are great and this is no exception
Tom Smerlingby

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one-eye skeptics
This is a good introduction to pointing out that true skeptics don't wear blinkers -- they cast a cold, skeptical eye on assertions from any side, and insist on seeing the evidence -- all the evidence.

Many who question climate science are not really skeptics at all. They are just one-sided ideologues who scrutinize scientific to find the tiniest error, then proclaim the whole body of decades of research invalid. Yet the same critics will accept even the most outlandish claims from fossil fuel enthusiasts and denialists -- e.g. 'don't worry, geo-engineering can save us' -- at face value. Hearing an argument that supports their pre-determined view, these 'one-eyed skeptics' suddenly become squishy soft and gullible, accepting glib generalizations and unsupported assertions with no questions asked.

When was the last time you ever heard a climate 'skeptic' demand to see the evidence from a somebody who argues that global warming isn't happening?

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