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'Everyone must due their due diligence' Stephen Scheider
Very good bite. I tried hitting 4 stars, but the website locked me in on 3 stars because I did not hit the ratings button right. I love your grandmother's quote also, "Many hands make light work."

Your quote reminded me of what Dr. Stephen Schneider said at his Climate One lecture in San Francisco in November, 2009. He actually spoke at length about this quite eloquently. He said things like, if one does not think they make a difference (with resovling climate change), then one must also ask, 'Why pay taxes and why vote? Everyone must do their due dilligence.'

He also said, 'My students will often ask me, 'What can I do because I cannot negiotate with the Chinese (about carbon emissions)? Well there is a lot you can do. You can turn of the lights and your computer when you are not using it. You can organize with other students. You can write your representative. You can educate yourself to have a good answer so when Uncle Joe quotes that paper publishing scientific expert, Rush Limbaugh.

He also had other quotes related to this also. Thanks for reminding us that we do not have to be the solution, but we do have to try to be part of the solution.
Tom Smerlingby

rating error fixed
Brian -- thx for flagging the rating error. I was able to change it to "4" for the impact on the bites overally rating. Haven't yet figured out how to change how it appears on your comment though....nothing is simple in this business!

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