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Sick of greedy lying bastards
I wonder how Tillerson's engineering solutions will build back the lives of the people in New England and all of the other places in the world that are now and are going to suffer from the greed that he shares with his cronies. Just because your technology is dying, that doesn't mean that you have to take the entire world with it.
Tom Smerlingby

Take it from a displaced Minnesotan...
So true.... In Minnesota, everybody knows why the soil is so fertile near the Iowa border, and so barren in the north. The glaciers scraped all the topsoil off the land, leaving bare rock, and dumped it in Iowa. That's why the topsoil there is so deep and productive. And that's why nothing much grows in rocky Northern Minnesota except hay, at best. Bottom line: So you can't just migrate the corn belt northward....unless you plan on bringing the all that topsoil with you. Good luck with that one.

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