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Anything with quotes by David Attenborough works for me!

Nature provides wonder, healing, tranquility, peace, and sanity.
Love David Attenborough. Great quote. It is a very jarring though that we keep ruining land thinking that we will get more. That thought will stay with me.
Tom Smerlingby

Contact with "the other"
I've pondered for decades why we find wild nature so healing, so restorative. Still pondering, but it seems to be something along these lines:

The boundaries of "self" are defined by contact with the "non-self", or the "other." Living only in a 100% man-made world is like living in a crazy-making Hall of Mirrors.

Deprived of contact with the "non-self," you become isolated, boundaries blurr, narcissism expands, and you get a bit crazy. The myth of King Midas, Martin Buber's I and Thouand Bill McKibben's End of Nature come to mind.

OK, that's my "Deep Thought" :) for the week!

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