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Ocean acidification isn't getting the media coverage it deserves. Either that or we're getting so used to the flow of reports that we're starting to switch off. Not me, I like my seafood. Give me anchovies, hold the jellyfish. If trees are the lungs, maybe ocean is the "blood."
Tom Smerlingby

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History of this bite
Interesting how a "sticky message" spreads. The first use of the phrase I found was by Miyoko Sakashita, attorney for the Center for Biological Diversity, in August, 2007.

But after it was picked up by NOAA Administrator Janel Lubchenco in 2009, it became much more widely used. Kudos to Dr. Lubchenco (a McArthur "Genius Grant" recipient, among other things) for using a sticky bite!

Google has a cool tool for tracking the historical usage of search words or phrases -- "Google Timeline"

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