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But I am alarmed! However, I still want to make a positive difference.
Great bite. I like how Stephen Mulkey listed in his quote "To date 32 national academies... 97% of all climate scientists agree. NSF, NASA, NOAA, USDA, the NPS, and the CDC have active research programs predicated on the reality of human-caused climate change."

You can also add The Catholic Church, the U.S. military, the CIA, National Geographic, American Meteorological Society, the insurance industry, and so many others. Who am I missing?

I like how he cites how "The excess CO2 that is pumped into the air today will affect our planet for thousands of years into the future." The result may be "Such a planet will not sustain civilization in any recognizable form." I love his catch phrase, because now I am alarmed also, and you should be too. Great Bite.

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