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In this section [under construction], we hope to synthesize -- concisely -- what we've gleaned from all the literature on climate change communication, including

  • basic principles for effective climate communication
  • relevant research findings
  • "best practices" -- tips from top communicators
  • points of dispute -- in the communications debate

Since 2009, there has been a flood of re-thinking and debate about climate communication.   Many excellent new studies and analysis have been published.   Some of the advice is consensual -- sometimes just common sense, really -- but often different authors stress different aspects and sometimes even contradict each other sharply.

We hope to summarize the key points that most communication experts agree on, and clarify the points of disagreement, so you can decide for yourself what makes sense for a given audience.

For other concise summaries of "best practices" in climate change communication, see Climate Talks' "Guides" and the "Tip Sheets" at Climate Access.

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