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NSF Short Course: What Science is Telling Us About Climate Change
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NSF shows great improvement with "To What Degree?", a series of short, fast-moving video segments that tell the climate story, from start to finish.   It's a virtual short-course on global warming, produced in a classy, NOVA-like style that intersperses action videos and arresting graphics with zoomed-in shots of top climate scientists speaking very personally, directly to the camera.

Short on numbers and jargon, long on images, the series explains climate in plain, everyday language, using simple charts that everybody can quicly grasp.

The series byline is "Leading climate change experts discuss one of the most complex scientific puzzles ever to confront humankind."        And many of the clips -- beyond the introductory ones -- are still dominated by talking heads giving mini lectures (see Randy Olsen's "The Nerd Loop").   

Still it's a big step in the right direction for a major science agency.

Climate "Crock of the Week"
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Graphic artist Peter Sinclair rebuts climate skeptical arguments with short, snappy videos that manage to combine humor and lush graphics with solid sourcing in the scientific literature.  

Sinclair narrates -- calmly and quietly, never preachy or pedantic -- but lets climate experts themselves make the key points.   He often employs a very effective technique of visual  documentation:  First he shows an actual photo of the most relevant peer-reviewed journal article, then he zooms in, enlarging a single key sentence that  punctures the denialist argument.    You'll feel like cheering!

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