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Katharine Hayhoe. A Climate for Change: What is happening to our world, and what can we do about it?

1998 to 2008 myth 2 - KH"What is happening to our world, and what can we do about it?"

Texas Tech Prof. Katharine Hayhoe is masterful at translating climate science into language everybody can understand, and is uniquely effective speaking to conservative and evangelical groups.

This slideshow was prepared for an webcast/conference call with Republicans for Environmental Protection.   Her crystal-clear slides strip away all the scientific clutter, so the main point just jumps out at you.  

Skeptical Science's Climate Graphics


Sks Fingerprints 570Here are a few samples from the Skeptical Science's growing set of clean, clear, simple -- and now even animated -- graphics for explaining climate science.    

Carefully researched, vetted by climate scientists, and attractive.

Update 1-20-13:   SkS custom graphics -- and more from other sources -- are now available for easy sharing on John Cook's Pinterest site.

sks - volcanoes vs. human CO2







sks - consensus 97 of 100

Richard Alley's Slideshow for CLEAN workshop (6-7-11)
thumb_Muir glacier -- before melting -- R Alley

Dr. Richard Alley -- a climate communications superstar -- has generously posted the slides that he used in an online workshop for climate communicators.    Many of the slides are not useful for general audiences -- some are too dense, others too "wordy" -- but some are terrific.   Check out #24 and #25, the Muir Glacier before and after.    Click the orange icon below to download the actual powerpoint slideset.

Global Warming Art

A collections of suitable for general audiences, organized by topic.     Some excellent before-and-after shots of glaciers.

Climate Safety -- Graphics & Video Galleries

signal vs. noise - climate safety

"Climate science & analysis for the rest of us" is their byline. 

Offers modest collections of dowloadable climate graphics and some videos (many from Climate Crocks).   Some are simple and clear enough to be very useful; others less so.

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