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"Yo...I'm a Climate Scientist!" Hungry Beast, ABC
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This one's just for fun..

May 16, 2011.  SYDNEY (AFP) – Australian climate scientists have made an irreverent, expletive-laden rap defending their work against those who deny climate change is real and poking fun at politicians and sceptics.

Wearing white lab coats and sunglasses, scientists from universities and research units shelved their painstaking environmental work to make the video, hitting back at climate change deniers without a background in science.

Why Science Works, Even When Scientists are A-Holes
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Climate Crocks' Peter Sinclair reviews a rant by sci-fi blogger Peter Watts.

"Watt's main point:   Science works by dragging us 'kicking and screaming' toward truth, not only in spite of the fact that some scientists are "asses" but partly because of the competitive, argumentative, feisty free-for-all nature of the scientific community." 

Also, "while it's a myth to portray scientists as pure and all "ivory tower," none of their human foibles are any reason to dismiss science. . . OK, Galileo had three children with a mistress.    So therefore the sun revolves around the earth?"

Below are more excerpts from Sinclair's review; click the links below to see Watts' original, unexpurgated rant or Sinclairs full review.


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