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Climate "Crock of the Week"

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Graphic artist Peter Sinclair rebuts climate skeptical arguments with short, snappy videos that manage to combine humor and lush graphics with solid sourcing in the scientific literature.  

Sinclair narrates -- calmly and quietly, never preachy or pedantic -- but lets climate experts themselves make the key points.   He often employs a very effective technique of visual  documentation:  First he shows an actual photo of the most relevant peer-reviewed journal article, then he zooms in, enlarging a single key sentence that  punctures the denialist argument.    You'll feel like cheering!

In other words, he's careful to "let the science speak for itself" but keeps it light, good-humored and entertaining.

In addition to his now-classic "Climate Crock of the Week" channel on You Tube, Sinclair's blog indexes his videos, and includes many excellent videos works by others.

Principles of effective communication demonstrated:

  • never preachy or pedantic.    Calm and matter-of-fact.
  • concise -- right to the point.   Never wastes the viewers time.
  • corrects the denier misinformation without attacking the person
  • uses striking graphics
  • sources his points in the primary peer-reviewed literature
  • injects lots of visual humor to keep it lively
Source URL: Climate Crocks
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