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ClimateBites offers metaphors, soundbites, quotes, humor, cartoons, stories and graphics for everybody who talks about climate change and wants their message to stick.

Hey, it's hard to write a good soundbite, but easy to spot a great one when you hear it.

Here are our criteria -- "The 7 C's" -- from our guidelines for "How to write a good climate 'bite.'"  

The first five "C's" are essential for a good bite:

o Core -- Address some important point about climate change or solutions. Give 'em something to think about!

o Concise – Keep it short and simple! Distill your "bite" into 1-2 sentences. Ruthlessly delete unessential words! You can elaborate in the "Notes" section of the "Add a Bite" form.

o Clear – Keep it simple! Explain the unfamiliar (science) in terms of something very familiar to all people.

o Correct – Demand 100% accuracy. No slack here.   Overstating or overgeneralizing just weakens your case.

o Considerate – Avoid offending group, especially "open-minded skeptics" or undecideds. No name-calling.

Two more "Cs" will take your bite "from good to great," and will give it some "zing:"

o Catchy – A fresh twist, in lively, memorable language. Humor wins bonus points!

o Compelling -- A great bite engages not only the mind, but the heart and "gut" as well.

OK, it's hard to hit all "7 C's" but the more you have, the stronger your message.   

For more tips on how to find or write a great "bite," see this excerpt from the bible of "sticky messaging" Made to Stick.   We've adapted many of the Heath Brothers' principles to the "7 C's" and throughout ClimateBites.