This 5-minute clip begins with these opening credits:

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Climate:  A Crisis Averted.    A riveting documentary on how human beings overcame the greatest challenge the species ever faced.

The accompanying blurb continues:

"Climate: A Crisis Averted looks back from 2056 and recounts how ordinary citizens in 2006 -- realizing that global warming was a scientific fact and not a climatic theory -- take action to demand clean energy and other planet-friendly options. The movie describes how a movement called RenewUS effected real change with an action plan, or 'call-to-arms' on global warming."

Try to look past the date (it's several years old already) and the organization (which has not made no a big splash) to consider the technique:   visualizing success.

Visualizing success is a well-established, proven method for improving performance in many fields, including sports, performance arts, management, sales, and negotiations.   We all tend to "move toward" whatever we focus our attention on, even when it is something we don't want.  (I saw this most concretely as a youth soccer coach; kids generally shoot at wherever they look directly at, often right into the hands of the goalkeeper.)

Another way of saying it: "We may not always get what we deserve, but we usually get what we expect."

This perspective provides one more reason to never leave an audience stuck in "doom and gloom."   If we can't imagine success, as convincingly as the threat of disasters, can we persuade anybody to follow us there?