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Profile in Courage: Republican meteorologist Paul Douglas

Here’s veteran TV meteorologist Paul Douglas (“A Message from a Republican Meteorologist on Climate Change):

“I’m going to tell you something that my Republican friends are loath to admit out loud:  climate change is real.   I am a moderate Republican, fiscally conservative; a fan of small government, accountability, self-empowerment, and sound science. Continue reading

adler - jonathan

‘Eloquent, principled’ conservative tackles climate

A conservative specialist in environmental law—Professor Jonathan Adler of Case Western Reserve University—lays out a thoughtful conservative approach to tackling climate change in a recent post at The Atlantic magazine.


Climate hawk David Roberts (Grist) accurately describes Adler’s piece as “an eloquent, principled case for the simple notion that ’embrace of limited government principles need not entail the denial of environmental claims.'” Continue reading

Climate Change Narratives:  
Climate debate among conservatives – Part II

Peter Wehner

Jonathan Tobin

Soon after Peter Wehren broke with conservative orthodoxy (A Thoughtful Conservative Perspective – Part I) by urging conservatives to accept the reality of climate change and move on to solutions, Commentary editor Jonathan Tobin issued a sharp rebuttal.

Tobin charges that environmentalists are responsible for conservative skepticism, provoked by “invective” spewed by “warming hysterics Continue reading

A thoughtful conservative perspective on climate – Part I

Here’s a refreshing voice.   Peter Wehner has impeccable conservative credentials, having served  under Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and most recently as deputy assistant to Pres. George W. Bush.  He resides at the “The Ethics & Public Policy Center,” a neo-con think tank.

After taking a long, hard look at the evidence, Wehner concluded that the scientific consensus on climate is correct.    He shares his conclusions in two interesting posts titled “Conservatives and Climate Change, Part I and Part II” in the neo-con magazine Commentary.

Wehner acknowledges of course the scientific uncertainties, Continue reading

Climate Communication Tips  
Note to self: “It’s the fear, stupid!”

We have to address the fears.     That is my #1 take away climate communication message from the AGU meeting in San Francisco.

For many skeptics, resistance to accepting climate science stems primarily from fear, not ignorance or misinformation.    Fear of what could be “taken away” from them if government mobilizes to address this problem.    This came up in session after session on climate communication.

The corollary:     We can never make progress with ardent skeptics by arguing endlessly about scientific nuances, Continue reading

Climate change narratives
How to handle a conservative talk radio interview

Once again, Dr. John Abraham (St. Thomas University & CSRRT) models how to stay friendly yet forceful, when interviewed by a conservative talk radio host .

America’s Radio News Network is a tough format.    With only 8-9 minutes to make your points and no breathing space, you have to be very fast on your feet.     Continue reading