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Climate Communication Rebuttal:
Must read: The Debunking Handbook

Uh oh.   Did you know that your efforts to correct climate misinformation could be backfiring?   That you may be inadvertently be reinforcing the very myths you seek to dislodge?

For a quick self-check, download this short guide, The Debunking Handbook, by Skeptical Science’s John Cook and Prof. Stephan Lewandowsky.    It’s free, and in just 6 pages shows you how to avoid the “backfire effect” and make your corrections stick.

You can trust Cook and Lewandowsky’s advice; it’s all solidly grounded in cognitive psychology research.

Here are my “Top Ten” take-away points: Continue reading

Climate Change Soundbite

Science is a jigsaw puzzle, not a house of cards

Here’s a great metaphor for explaining why minor errors — inevitable in any large scientific undertaking — do not invalidate  climate science.

Skeptics want you to view climate science as a house of cards:   If you pull one card from the bottom, the whole thing collapses.

But science is more like a jigsaw puzzle, Continue reading