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Air Force: “Hug the Monster” by embracing fear.

“Sooner or later, everyone who learns about the rapid advance of manmade global warming must deal with the question of fear.”

Veteran climate reporter, ABC’s Bill Blakemore, has written an interesting piece on embracing fear (5/6/12) and using it to mobilize climate action.     In recent years, communication researchers  have warned that “fear is not enough,” and may even be Continue reading

Climate Communication Tips  
Note to self: “It’s the fear, stupid!”

We have to address the fears.     That is my #1 take away climate communication message from the AGU meeting in San Francisco.

For many skeptics, resistance to accepting climate science stems primarily from fear, not ignorance or misinformation.    Fear of what could be “taken away” from them if government mobilizes to address this problem.    This came up in session after session on climate communication.

The corollary:     We can never make progress with ardent skeptics by arguing endlessly about scientific nuances, Continue reading