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Breaking out of our bubbles

Sometimes I feel like I’m living in a bubble. Actually, we all live in our own custom-made bubbles that are shaped by our life experience and our education.

The world in my bubble is different from the world in your bubble.    The TV show Madmen dramatized this in an early episode, when Betty comes home with her drycleaning.     After a few minutes, the kids come running out of the bedroom Continue reading

Climate Communication Tips
“Are Words Worthless in the Climate Fight?”

I’ve been haunted for years by that question, posed by Andy Revkin in the title of a 2007 NY Times Blog Post.

One wonders sometimes.   In the face of a well-funded disinformation campaign, ideologically-driven denial, the scope of the problem, and sheer inertia, does how we talk about climate really matter anymore?

Well, this inspiring little video, “The Power of Words,” is one answer.   Continue reading

Climate communication tips
Climate communication has been framed

Every time I write for my blog, Simple Climate, I fight a contradiction in terms.  Climate science is far from simple.   I’m no expert but, as a science journalist,  I try to explain the latest climate research to the broadest audience possible.

This seems natural:  Surely the reason why so many people are skeptical about climate change is that they just don’t know enough about it?   Consequently, educating them will win them round.  Or maybe not. Continue reading