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water on earth 2 - USGS, ClimateBites.org

Note to Self – Part Two:
‘It’s the water, stupid!’

This updated USGS image is a striking  reminder of our vulnerability (click to enlarge).    In wet areas of the world—like northeastern U.S.—we take ample water supplies for granted, but globally it is a precious resource.

Our food supply depends on clean, fresh water Continue reading

Climate Communication Graphics:  
NASA accused of promoting gay climate change agenda

By Marcus Manfred, The Chicago Dope* (cross post)

The National Aeronautical Space Administration is facing the heat from Republicans who accuse it of pushing a pro-gay climate change agenda by adding the color hot pink to its global climate maps. NASA made the change because of unusually warm weather in the arctic.

“I can handle a variety of colors. We tolerated Continue reading